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CODAmeds Dispenser Kickstarter copy


It’s a complete system on how to control schedules and how to manage any pill regimen or supplements program.

PENDING SALES EVENT DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED – this is the official Web Site for our SALES Event – Delivery Date is scheduled for shipping CODAmeds® Dispensers & Travel Cases in DECEMBER 2018 or sooner.

NOS.                                                                           DESCRIPTION                                                                                             MSRP

[menu_pricing_item title=”CD – CODAmeds® Dispenser ” text=”Dispenser with drawer has 2 pill Cups to divide small & large pills with 3 Pill Cassettes – 7 DAYS / MORN, NOON & NITE.” price=”$98.00″]
[menu_pricing_item title=”CT – CODAmeds® Dispenser Travel Case” text=”Portable dispenser with drawer opens up with 1 Dose Cup with 3 Pill Cassettes – 7 DAYS / MORN, NOON & NITE.” price=”$79.00″]
[menu_pricing_item title=”CTC – CODAmeds® Dispenser Travel Case Only” text=”Portable dispenser only, with drawer that opens up with 1 Pill Drawer. You fill this empty dispenser case with 3 Pill Cassettes – 7 DAYS / MORN, NOON & NITE.” price=”$49.00 “]
[menu_pricing_item title=”CCP – CODAmeds® Pill Cassettes – 3 Pack Set” text=”Has 3 Daily/Weekly SUN thru SAT Pill Cassettes for 3 Time Periods: MORN, NOON & NITE.” price=”$39.00 “]
[menu_pricing_item title=”CC – CODAmeds® Pill Cassette – 1 Pack Only” text=”Select 1 type of weekly cassette from the 3 Time Periods: MORN, NOON or NITE Pill Cassettes.” price=”$15.00″]
[menu_pricing_item title=”PCS – Pill Catcher System® – Clean Out the Medicine Cabinet & Get Rid of Bad Pills” text=”Pill disposal made easy – passes EPA & DEA laws and regulations for safe removal to dissolve, degrade and discard all pharmaceuticals. Fill the 1 pint bottle with up to 120 pills of any types, add water to the fill line, cap bottle, shake wet gel mixture up and dispose safely into receptacles.” price=”$7.95 “]

You can use CODAmeds® anywhere:

The Dispenser fits:

  • In a kitchen cabinet or on a counter.
  • In a bathroom cabinet or on a counter.
  • In a bedroom or on a nightstand.
  • In a closet, on a shelf or on a wall.

The Travel Case fits:

  • In a suitcase or carry-on bag.
  • In a hotel room or bathroom.
  • In a small place on a shelf.
  • In a desk drawer or on a desktop.
  • In a briefcase or in car door side pocket.

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