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Welcome, I’m Donald Dickey, the developer of the CODAmeds® Dispenser. Due to a life-changing medical event, I created this revolutionary new product. Diagnosed with a defective aortic heart valve fifteen years ago, I had open St. Jude Medical - Bileaflet Mechanical Heart Valveheart surgery for a St. Jude Medical mechanical heart valve replacement like the valve shown on the right which led to a medical plan going forward for continued maintenance. It became acutely critical that more prescriptions were necessary in a closely monitored program. I have taken 30 prescription and supplement pills per day, over 164,250 in fifteen years, to maintain my health. It was also a daunting task as the patient to keep all of those medications straight after just coming out of the hospital, forget about the weeks and years following up too.

Needless to say, being an innovator at heart, no pun intended, an idea popped into my head that was as serious as a heart attack, but only figuratively speaking–LOL–and so I asked, “How could I successfully administer all of my own medicine by myself going along into the future?” As my ideas developed, which constantly morphed into seemingly endless engineering revisions, they eventually led me to my final product–so in the end it was not the idea I started with, actually it was better than I had ever first imagined.  …and that’s how I developed the CODAmeds® Dispenser!

[title align=”center” color=”#dd0000″]The CODAmeds® Dispenser & Travel Case
2022 Final Production Design Releases[/title][image_frame url=”8563″ border_style=”boxed-frame-hover”][image_frame url=”8564″ border_style=”boxed-frame-hover”]

WATCH the CODAmeds® VIDEO – Click below on the Start Arrow in the middle of the picture.

helps to make taking drugs and supplements on time, on a daily basis with…

[icon_feature link=”http://codameds.com/faq/what-is-the-circle-of-health-its-about-you-program-about/?preview_nonce=c688f9fb7d” animation=”flip-y” icon=”icon-tablet” title=”A well-coordinated program” animation_delay=”500″]By health care professionals as they diagnose, treat and dose accordingly for each individual.[/icon_feature]
[icon_feature link=”http://codameds.com/faq/what-is-the-meds-self-care-program-about/?preview_nonce=25e1461812″ animation=”flip-y” icon=”hb-moon-pencil-2″ title=”A well-informed effort” animation_delay=”1000″]By consumers in understanding their drugs and supplements, dosage and instructions as in the treatment for each individual.[/icon_feature]
[icon_feature link=”http://codameds.com/faq/how-codameds-dose-dispensers-help-people/?preview_nonce=61fc49e065″ animation=”helix” icon=”hb-moon-star” title=”A well-engineered dispenser” animation_delay=”1500″]By help in managing their daily regimen in healthcare for each individual.[/icon_feature]
[icon_feature link=”http://codameds.com/faq/codameds-dose-dispensers-help-pharmacists/?preview_nonce=c688f9fb7d” animation=”helix” icon=”hb-moon-diamond-2 ” title=”A well-ordered delivery system” animation_delay=”2000″]By pharmacies and stores that stock, sort and distribute drugs and supplements for each individual.[/icon_feature]
[counter to=”32″ subtitle=”Americans use three or more medicines daily” speed=”1000″ animation=”top-to-bottom” color=”#ffffff” class=”million “]
[counter to=”75″ subtitle=”of adults are non-adherent in one or more ways ” speed=”1700″ animation=”top-to-bottom” color=”#ffffff” animation_delay=”300″ class=”percent source-2″]
[counter to=”100″ subtitle=”estimated annual cost of non-adherence” speed=”2400″ animation=”top-to-bottom” color=”#ffffff” animation_delay=”600″ class=”billion source-3 money”]

You Can Dispense Healthy Results Every Time

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