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The CODAmeds® Dispenser Program means taking medications correctly for their maximum benefit & health by the patient. No implied endorsement or intent by any specific healthcare professionals, organizations or individuals on any drugs, medical advice, treatments or use of our product is claimed in any statements or depictions shown.

  We Include Braille For All Healthcare Partners & Customers

This enables the visually impaired to enjoy all the benefits of using the CODAmeds® Dispenser system. All dose cassettes are marked on each drawer face with each day of the week for easy tactile pressure to sense the raised dot arrays indicating the day.

 Can-Am Braille Code Pharmaceutical Standard Compliance

CODAmeds, LLC has adopted and implemented the Braille Standard into its dose dispenser design even though in North America Can-Am Braille is a voluntary standard and there is currently no legislation covering Pharmaceutical Braille. CODAmeds, LLC felt that a proactive approach on the part of industry to develop and implement its own standard would be a way of reducing or even eliminating legislative intervention. The standard is very similar to the European Braille standard.

Logo - American Foundation BlindIntroduction to Pharmaceutical Braille

The movement towards universal inclusion of Braille on pharmaceutical packaging in Europe and North America is clearly under way. From October 2005, the 25 member states of the European Union are required to have legislation in place in conformance with the EU Directive 2001/83/EC: this requires that all products authorised after October 30 2005 carry Braille identification. In May 2009 the International Association of Diecutting and Diemaking (IADD) announced “Can-Am Braille,” a set of guidelines and recommendations for the use of braille on packaging in USA and Canada.

What does the EU Directive say?

Council Directive 2004/27/EC – Article 56(a)

“The name of the product, as referred to in Article 54, point (a) must also be expressed in braille format on the packaging. The MA holder shall ensure that the packaging information leaflet is made available on request from patients’ organisations in formats appropriate for the blind and partially sighted”

The pharmaceutical directive applies to all medicinal products for human use intended to be place on the markets in the EU Member States. All EU legislation relating to pharmaceutical products is covered under the EEA Agreement and so the EEA areas (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) must also implement this directive.

When did the legislation come into force?

European requirements have affected all products that were granted marketing authorization from 30 October 2005 onwards. Medicines that had marketing authorisation prior to this date were required to comply by 30 October 2010.


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DISCLAIMER:  The CODAMeds® Dispenser is not certified medical equipment. As such, it is not promoted under any circumstances or offered for in-hospital use for medical treatment.  It is intended only for post-hospital use or an aftercare setting by the patient. The CODAmeds® Dispenser Program simply means taking medications regularly for their benefit & health by the patient.