CODAmeds® Circle of Health – It’s About You!™

CODAmeds Icon Circle of Health

Research shows that nearly three out of four Americans don’t take their medications as directed. This may cause devastating results, particularly for people with chronic conditions. Poor medication adherence has been recognized by national health advocacy groups as a public health priority; it results in more than one-third of medicine-related hospitalizations and almost 125,000 deaths in the United States each year. Improved medication adherence leads to better health outcomes and reduced total healthcare costs by taking their pills on time, every time for better health and wellness programs.

Our CODAmeds® Circle of Health™ – It’s about You! program is to educate within that circle of Patients, Physicians, Pharmacists and Providers about how our CODAmeds® Dose Dispensers work. It’s to demonstrate within that circle of how using our CODAmeds® Dose Dispensers help them to manage ordering, storing, dispensing and reordering of drugs and supplements to maintain a consistently regular daily dose schedule.

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